Wawancara Mini Eksklusif dengan All Time Low (ATL) – Janji Kemeriahan Punk Rock Dalam Siri Jelajah Forever di Zepp KL 28 April ini!

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Music Addicts Malaysia (MAMY) telah diberi peluang untuk menemuramah kumpulan punk rock Amerika, All Time Low (ATL) sempena konsert Forever Asia Tour mereka yang akan berlangsung pada 28hb April 2024 (Ahad) ini di Zepp, KL.

Mereka menjanjikan kemeriahan punk rock kepada peminat-peminat dalam konsert jelajah Asia pertama mereka di sini nanti dengan lagu-lagu epik seperti ‘Dear Maria’, ‘A Love Like War’ dan pelbagai lagi.

Berikut adalah wawancara MAMY dengan kumpulan All Time Low secara online (kredit kepada Nicole):

1. What are your thoughts on Malaysia and your Malaysian fanbase?
We love the energy and the passion of our Malaysian fans; The crowds always sing a little louder and the mosh pits are always a little wider! It’s such a surreal feeling when there are fans waiting for us at the airport or lined up outside the venue hours before the show, and we notice that a lot in Malaysia. Our fans genuinely care, and that means everything to us.

2. What is your guys’ secret of keeping up with the punk rock music scene after all these years?
We love this band and we love our fans, we love hearing people around the world sing our music back to us; That’s really what keeps us going. Whenever we step on
stage it’s a celebration with all those nearest and dearest to us. People keep showing up to celebrate, so we keep showing up for them!

3. Could you give us your Top 5 punk rock anthems which heavily influenced the vision of ATL?
Green Day – Burnout
Blink182 – Dumpweed
The Offspring – Self Esteem
Jimmy Eat World – Bleed American
NOFX – Linoleum

4. What is the most unforgettable moment (funniest or craziest) you have experienced as a band during concert tours?
We’ve been at this for over twenty years now, so there have been A LOT of these moments… too many to name! But one that stands out was a show in Sydney,
Australia where we played in the pouring rain and the power to the stage went out, so we stood in the rain and sang Queen songs and Dear Maria with the whole crowd
just clapping their hands to keep the beat. It was pretty magical.

5. We are now experiencing a resurgence of Pop Punk/Emo, do you think that in 40 years or so, future generations would dig the same genre?
This genre, to me, has always been a refuge and a safe place for the misfits to find their own kind and I don’t think that’s ever going to change.

6. Lastly, what is ATL’s song of choice if say, the universe were to end and you guys only have one song to bring back life?
Wow this is really hard. If we’re talking about an ATL song I’d probably have to say Dear Maria since it’s sort of become synonymous with the genre we come from…
If we’re talking about music in general then that’s a heavy burden to carry!! Haha
Probably something by Mozart or like Love Me Do by the Beatles because it’s sweet.

‘Shoutout’ mereka kepada peminat-peminat Malaysia uk hadir ke konsert 28/4/2024 nanti: ATL Malaysia: ATL Malaysia

Dapatkan tilet konsert mereka di sni:  https://www.ticketmelon.com/rklive/atlkl


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